now a days, it have been a common thing for many people having depressed due to loss of something or someone they love or the feeling of loneliness or losing in some activity.

it can be described as "mood disorder including deep and extreme sadness, loss and anger that interfere with a persons daily life and activities, not only effect the public relationships but also the mental health.

we can easily know about  the thing if we can notice the following symptoms. the symptoms differ by age and gender  too.

depressed boy

In men, the symptoms be as follows..

1.mood : aggressive, irritation, anxiety, restlessness

2.emotional being: sad, feeling empty, hopelessness

3.behaviour: engaging in dangerous activities, suicidal thinking, use of drugs and alcoholic things, not finding satisfaction in favorite things, loss of interest in everything.

4. reduced sexual desire

5. change in sleep patterns like: insomnia, restless sleep, no sleep nights

6.physical being: head ache, digestive problems, fatigue, pains etc..

women suffering from depression would experience these symptoms..

1. irritable mood  

2. feeling sad and empty and feeling lonely

3. suicidal thoughts, loss in interests, with drawing social relationships                    

4. thinking for more time or thinking slowly                                                                    

5. sleep patterns change:  waking early, sleep less nights etc...                                      

6. physical being: change in appetite, decrease in energy, greater fatigue, sudden decrease in weight, aches, increased cramps in periods.

If the following symptoms are found in children, definitely they are in depression:

1. mood disorders, getting anger and more irritation easily.                                        

2.emotionally becoming weak and thinking " I will loose all the time", crying, loss in hope.                                                                                                                                      

3. less grades, reduced academic performance, difficulty in concentrating, not able to grasp well                                                                                                                              

4. avoiding friends and siblings, being as a introvert,                                                      

5. sleeping much or difficulty in sleeping.                                                                          

6. not feeling well, change in hunger, loss or gain in weight.

if you find the following symptoms that means you are in depression. better consulting doctor associated with that or a psychologist. for knowing more about this depression please read this full post.

firstly, we have to know what causes the depression in our mind. we can compare the condition d depression with a cyclone for some extent. lets see some causes for depression.

  1. Not reaching the expectations for something : we generally expect some result for every thing we do. we do expect the good results in almost all situations. that may not possible in all times. after not reaching the expectations for some x times we will start be sad and depressed. we will think that we always fail in every task we want to start. we will start thinking our selves as losers. generally this causes many emotionally weak people depressed.                                                Remedy : start knowing your mistakes in it. shift to some other job you are interested in, meditate, start taking things positive, believe in your practice.
  2. disturbance in relationships : this thing will have impact in each and every relationship. disturbances like clashes between parents, problems in friendship, relationship etc...                                                                                           remedy : don't think much about it, talk and share with someone, meditate, consult any doctor about this.
  3. heavy stress : Now a days, we are always feel mental stress in career, education or else in anything.                                                                                                             remedy : relax for sometime, meditate, flyoff to other thing you like for some time.
  4. drug use and alcohol consumption : consumption of these can cause you depressed slowly and it finally become chronic and dangerous. they may satisfy at hat particular incident but after that it makes you even worse and damaged.  remedy : better consulting rehabilitation centers or doctors related to it.            
  5. underrating your self and having low esteem.                                                              remedy: believe in your self, believe in " your the hero of your life".
  6. mental illness. remedy is to consult psychologist.

if you neglect this depression your condition will be still dangerous and worse. it causes you to get suicidal thoughts, make your social relations damaged , damages your physical and mental health, changes your body structure.

( do you know : google cares your life, if you search or suicide. it shows the suicide prevention helpline.)

suicide prevention helpline


  1. Major depressive disorder:

This major disorder is also called as classical depression or unipolar depression. Most of the people who depress come into this category. More than 16.2 million (1 crore 62 lakh) adults in US suffering from this kind of depression these days. this kind of depression even doesn't even need a proper reason. this depression has some symptoms like change in sleep patterns, appetite change, change in interests, with drawing from social relationships etc..

2. Bipolar disorder:

This kind of depression involves in maniac and hypo maniac, where you feel very happy and deep depression as alternating episodes. if his is observed I personally suggest to hospitalize. this have some unique symptoms like feeling high suddenly, having high energy, suicidal thoughts and reduced sleep, self harming and racing thoughts and speech.

3. Seasonal depression:

Seasonal depression, also called seasonal affective disorder and also known as major depressive disorder with seasonal pattern, is depression that’s related to certain seasons. For most people, it tends to happen during the winter months.

4. Situational depression:

it generally happens in the time of death of loved people or life threatening events or having relationship and financial difficulties. this type have the symptoms of head ache, sleep patterns change, social relationship withdrawal, unable to concentrate etc..

5. Atypical depression:

This is bit different type of depression. this type have a different type of symptoms than other types such as increased appetite, poor body image, high sleep, heaviness in arms and legs. assorted pains etc.. it can be somewhat relieved by having some positive vibes and positivity in our brain.

naturally we can reduce depression by providing supplements, vitamins such as B complex, vitamin D ( available in sun shine (morning and evening times) and shark liver cod oil).

and finally... if your friends or family members are being suffering from depression please help them in removing their sadness. suggest some good things to get off from that f they are in thoughts of self harm or suicide. remove dangerous and poisonous items from their vision. consult a psychologist about that.

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