If you read this article you won't quit your blog again!!

If you read this article you won't quit your blog again!!

You can create your blog at ghost blogging platform , medium blogging platform , wordpress and many more.....

Creating a blog is easy but maintaining it for years is a hard task.

I know people who quit blog in their 3-5 days of starting their blog!!!
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Actually people on the self hosted blogs quit more than people on built-in traffic blog sites like medium.com and wordpress.com {Not wordpress.org}

It's because.....For example , Let's say you are a medium blog user then what happens out there? If you post a blog post then it will have internal traffic from medium too...but if you are having ghost or wordpress.org{self-hosted} then for the 20-30 days{approx.} you will have 0 views from organic search but you will have  views from your shared posts

In these 20-30 days you will get zero organic results what does this indicate? Quitting{most people}.

Why does this happen in self-hosted platforms??

It's because in self-hosted platforms your blog is just created....and it will take some time to show up in search engine results. If you keep on posting blogs then google will make your site available in search engine sometimes.

If you want to know about Search engine optimisation{SEO} of Ghost and medium blogging platform read this one...👇👇👇

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I won't recommend using medium platform and blogger / wordpress.com because the content you post isn't owned by you so they can delete your post without your permission at any second...😱😱😱[You can use medium as a sharing platform of your self-hosted blog]

I would recommend using a platform which you can self-host like ghost , wordpress , and many more.....

If you want to know how to install ghost blog for free use this link : 👇👇👇

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If the above stated topics is not the reason to quit your blogging then read this article which helps you understand more about blogging....

5 Things to Do When You Want to Quit Blogging
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I read this article and he explained very well about what to do when you are going to quit your blogging!!![This isn't sponsored/ad]

So don't quit your blog in 1st month and wait to see results... 🎉🎉🎉