What is deja vu?

What is deja vu?

A psychological feeling that makes you think that you already experienced the same situation before.(French word)

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Having deja vu indicates both healthy and ill effects. if a person had some bad or unusual or prolonged or associated with some other symptoms such as hallucinations, then he may be experiencing some psychiatric or neurological illness. if a person has non pathological type then he has a good psychological health. maximum number of people experiencing deja vu fall under the second category.

People who loves to travel and watching movies can have deja vu more than others also people having much mental pressure can also have these more.

Experiencing deja vu have several explanations:

  1. Split perception explanation :                                                                                                             According to this explanation, deja vu may happen if the person experienced the current sense twice successively. in detail, the sense will be taken in, processed, stored in the brain and then the second one starts to do the whole process again. as already the first one was stored inside the brain we will get a thought that we already experienced the same situation before.
  2. Cryptomnesia or reconstruction of memory:                                                                                             Our memory changes every day, in detail we will only remember 60 to 70 percent of our yesterday memory, because of addition or removal of some small and tiny things automatically. due to these changes, after experiencing the similar situation as before ( not the same or exact). we think the same thing happened as before. its simply reconstruction of our memory which was forgotten but present at some where inside the brain.
  3. Dual neurological processing:                                                                                                                    In 1964, Robert Efron of Boston's veterans hospital proposed that, this is because of delay in transmission of neural signals. he found that these signals are sorted in temporal lobe in the left hemisphere of our brain. each signal travels in twice from both. due to the time delay in transferring the signals ( in milli seconds) they are not synchronized properly. That's why we get deja vu according to his theory. this is similar to split perception theory.
  4. Dream based explanation:                                                                                                                                 We often get dreams when we are in sleep. they are stored some where in our brain. if there is a situation happened really as same as the dream we experienced ever before then also we can experience the same‌
Deja vu , source : Reddit


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